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Don't wait for a missed opportunity or an employer to provide the training you need to start growing your knowledge now. Take action today with some of the resources I've listed for you below. Can you afford to NOT invest in expanding your knowledge? 

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Invest in your personal growth by seeking courses that address what you're looking to accomplish. Many of these providers not only publish self-directed courses and offer instructor led-training but they also curate youtube channels and emails list that provide downloadable assets, and additional templates and resources. Check them out, and tell them Debbi sent you. ✌️

Business Development


Cannabis Operations


Learning & Performance


The Greenstreet Academy

An Educational Platform That Teaches Novice Investors on Stock Basics and Fundamentals

Learn with The GreenStreet Academy and Invest Confidently from the comfort of your own home.

The online learning experience is for the novice investor seeking to gain and enhance their investing skills, knowledge, and Market Experience.

Compliance Operations

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting’s (RMCC) training courses, expert counsel, procedures, and documents help businesses achieve and maintain compliance.

RMCC helps Marijuana Operators and Cannabis Compliance Software and Technology companies excel in daily cannabis operations, implement seed-to-sale software, provide comprehensive METRC training, conduct METRC Audits, and build the infrastructure of compliance operations through customized Standard Operating Procedures.


Coaching for Improvement


Groups & Associations


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