Why I Work With Cannabis

values Mar 15, 2022
Debbi Spranza, LLC

Before you work with anyone, it’s best to make sure your values align. 

This transparency is vital in the cannabis industry, as anyone who works in it knows. So, I invite you to get to know me.

My name is Debbi Spranza, and I help people achieve their vision with strategy and support. From personal development to building training departments, I give clients the tools to do it themselves.

After developing and managing large training programs for over 15 years, I took my skills to cannabis. I chose this industry because it was new, exciting, and I have a personal connection to the plant. How I got into talent development is a different story.

How I Found My Knack for Talent Development

I stumbled into professional talent development out of necessity. When I found myself a young single mother of two with an alcoholic ex-husband, my maternal drive to provide kicked in. 

Equipped with only a GED, I visited the library whenever I could to teach myself how to type and format. That way, I could show a temp agency I knew how to do something. The temp agency placed me in a mortgage company where my job was entering track and trace information for government documents.

This was in the late 90s, so businesses were starting to adopt more technology. I developed a process on the computer that streamlined the tasks and made it possible to do a week’s worth of work in an hour. The company hired me and promoted me to Government Insuring Manager.

I started climbing the corporate ladder and developed training and eventually talent development programs. Producing and delivering engaging presentations felt like the most creative thing I could do at a bank. My goal was to create simple, straightforward, programs that didn’t waste anyone’s time and breathed some life into data and policies.

I Did All This Smokin’ Pot and Rockin’ Birkenstocks

Throughout my journey, I never really felt like I fit in. As a young mother in a corporate job, all the other moms around me were older and didn’t seem to share the same interests. I never felt like I could be honest about who I was in the workplace or in most social settings because I smoked.

Cannabis has been a part of my life since early on. Growing up, my parents were very conservative, as were their views towards cannabis. But my favorite uncle smoked, so I knew it couldn’t be as evil as my parents said it was. It wasn’t.

I smoked casually without giving the plant much consideration until I saw the effects alcohol had on my ex-husband. I became convinced it was a better tool to relax, unwind, and enjoy myself. Still, once I was on my own with my kids, I felt really guilty coming home from work and smoking in my room.

Then I discovered how cannabis helped me connect with my kids on their level and get more in touch with them. This realization expanded my mind. I was able to see how all the different pieces of whatever problem I was working through fit together.

I Fit In Better Now More Than Ever

Corporations have a bad reputation for chewing people up and spitting them out. After dedicating twenty-one years of loyalty and being the top producer for the firm I was at, I got a call saying I was being let go as VP of Learning Architecture. It was 7:30 AM on a Monday, and they offered no real explanation other than my position had been eliminated.

I decided I would never work for the man again. Instead, I wanted the freedom to choose my professional relationships and breathe life in businesses rooted in integrity.

Cannabis fascinates me because of the dedication people have to build an industry that reflects their values. I am grateful my skills can help them get there by identifying the education, knowledge, and training they need to grow. 

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