I’m not a cheerleader, I’m a strategist.

values Feb 21, 2022
Debbi Spranza, LLC

There's a couple of reasons why when I met with a recent prospect I knew that coaching was not a good fit for either of us.

Before the meeting I already knew the value of my time and the cost of services that they were requesting.

The meeting was rescheduled 40 minutes before the scheduled start time. I really appreciate good time management.  This communicated the prospect did not hold themselves personally accountable for their schedule, they didn’t plan well, and my time was an afterthought. We postponed it by a week (only because they were a referral).

When we did meet, the junior business partner was a no show due to a scheduling conflict. Is anyone managing calendars over there?!

During the meeting it quickly became clear the owner’s vision did not translate to the business strategy as presented. I’ll be blunt, they had gaping holes in their plan  that made me want to run. Their plan was not sustainable.

It was apparent they wanted affirmations, rather than alternative perspectives. 

The prospect already had the “perfect strategy” and knew all of the answers.

I could have said yes, stepped into a cheerleader role, and executed a SOW knowing my contribution would be a waste of the prospects money and my time but that’s not the role I bring to the game. I’m a coach and strategist, I bring new perspectives with strategies to implement so that you have a path that will win. Sometimes that means helping you see blindspots and alternative paths.

I politely communicated I wasn’t their person for the job but I’d be happy to send some links with recommendations they could follow up with independently. No warm introductions this time, because my network understands that time is money.

I know I made the right decision because during the meeting, a former client reached out to ask for more time with me. Saying no saved me countless hours, my personal self worth, and more time with clients who DO value my services. 

I’m hoping the prospect finds what they need on Fivver. ✌️

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