11 Steps to Start Your Own Hustle

strategy update May 11, 2022
All my lessons propel me forward. I don't walk backwards - Debbi Spranza

Everyone reaches a point in life where everything changes. Either circumstance forces us to change, or we realize that what we're doing doesn't align with who we are or want to be. 

I focused only on Debbi Spranza LLC as my business after my position as a C-level executive was eliminated without much explanation. I've had to pivot a lot in life, but moving from a cushy, full-time job to self-employment took some time to wrap my mind around. 

I knew from past experiences that changing course requires adaptability, clarity, and courage. It takes a lot of reflection and planning. I want to share what I learned in my process so you can have an easier time turning your skills, dreams, or passions into reality.

How I Started My Own Hustle. Here are the steps I took to get my business started:

  • Notified my network I was open to opportunities
  • Talked to my mentor
  • Gathered my existing resources 
  • Tightened up my resume
  • Established my value and made it my mantra
  • Decided my boundaries and terms  
  • Joined networking groups of like-minded business owners
  • Rewrote my business plan
  • Started writing sales copy 
  • Hired a business coach to review my business plan
  • Built a website

What I Learned:

I did all the right things in the wrong order. The order you do things matters. It helps you avoid backtracking or getting ahead of yourself. Nobody wants to announce they're making a great, big change and then not be able to follow through. 

I should have talked to my mentor before I notified my network. My mentor helped me get my thoughts in order and work on a plan of action so I could keep my momentum. 

It's only a dead-end if you stop. A scattered mind can't be open to opportunities because there isn't a clear path forward. And without having a structure in place, it's harder to recognize opportunities and be prepared to accept and fulfill them. 

My business is helping others develop theirs. Since starting Debbi Spranza LLC, I've re-imaged the best order of my list. I believe this order is more effective to establish your idea, take advantage of opportunities, and ensure you don't backtrack, fall through, or burn out.

11 Steps to Starting Your Own Hustle 

1) Talk to Your Mentor

Your mentor should be able to stimulate and challenge your thinking. They can also offer a more objective perspective than friends, family, or business partners. If you don't have a mentor, reach out here.

2) Gather Your Existing Resources

These are things from your past job, career, or passion projects that support your new Hustle. For me, it included my resume, email contacts, press links, and the templates and tools I used in my previous professional development classes. 

3) Decide Your Boundaries and Terms

Making your own rules is a huge advantage of being self-employed. Remember how life-sucking that old job was? You're in charge now.  

Ask yourself who you would work for and who you wouldn't. Who is your audience, and who is not? What are your values and non-negotiables? How much time can you commit? Remember, being your own boss also means taking better care of yourself. If gardening gives you peace, factor it in.

4) Establish Your Value and Make it Your Mantra

Everyone can benefit from the power of positive affirmations. Reciting mantras like "all my lessons propel me forward" helps boost confidence and shoo away success killers like anxiety and fear. 

5) Tighten Up Your Resume

Now that you've talked with your mentor, gathered your resources, and determined your boundaries, it's time to get to work. Targeting your resume to fit the direction you want to go is a great way to gain clarity and show how much of a bad-ass you are. 

6) Rewrite Your Business Plan

Your business plan outlines your products or services, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and budget. This step can be incredibly challenging, but it is where you will gain the most clarity. For help writing your plan, download my free business plan template.

7) Hire a Business Coach to Review Your Business Plan

Getting a different set of eyes on your business plan ensures it is well researched and thought through. Identifying all the possible gaps and challenges before you launch could end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

8) Get Your Logo, Brand Colors, and Sales Copy 

Now you're ready to bring your idea to life with colors, pictures, and words. You've probably already been thinking about this, but now it's time to get it ready to debut.

Keep in mind it does not need to be perfect. Perfection is an illusion, anyway. Instead, it's a living process you will refine as your business grows. It might also include working with copywriters and graphic designers.

9) Get a Website

A website is your business's home base and the best place to link and refer to. There are multiple do-it-yourself options out there, but depending on the complexity of your business, you might want to hire a developer or marketing agency to help you. This step is also ongoing, so don't worry if the first version isn't jaw-dropping. 

10) Notify Your Network You're Open to Opportunities

Phew! The hard work is done. Now you can wave your hands in the air, shout from the rooftops, and have something to show people when they come knocking. 

While notifying your network earlier in your process, like how I did, is not the worst mistake, you can see how doing it last gives you more clarity on what you're open to and how you'll respond. 

11) Join Networking Groups of Like-Minded Business Owners

Now you are ready to tell people who you are, what you're all about, and grab those opportunities because you are one of them and have something valuable to offer. 

What Does YOUR Action Plan Look Like?

Your action plan might look different from mine since everyone's journey and situation is unique. But strategy is universal. Within every circumstance are clues for how to proceed, and the worst thing that can happen is nothing at all. 

To help you decide the best steps for you and put together a detailed action plan, schedule a self-development call today.

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