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Hi, I’m Debbi! I'll help you achieve a more strategic approach to your professional talent development.

Debbi Spranza, LLC

My name is Debbi Spranza and I am a Training Strategist and Consultative Coach. After developing and managing large training programs for over 15 years, I provide the community with support and strategy no matter what they are looking to learn. From personal development, to building training departments, I give clients the tools to do it themselves or ask me to help them build their education.

For the past few years I've focused on providing my professional talent development services to the community continuing my advocacy as a consultant and coach.

Canna Mom

Listen to Debbi on Joyce Gerber's Podcast, 'The Canna Mom Show'.

"She is the education and training nerd that the highly regulated cannabis industry needs more of." Debbi shares with Joyce her journey from a young mom who climbed the corporate ladder to a cannabis entrepreneur at a women owned and led cannabis compliance education company that provides strategic operational consulting nationally."

I've come a long way and I'm grateful to be sitting as I am; I don't take it for granted.

NCIA Logo RMCC and Personal Member


Debbi was a guest on the NCIA's Podcast, 'The Cannabis Minority Report' in 2021.

Advocacy is important to me because I feel that as human beings, if you know something is good for others, it's my obligation to share it with those who will receive it. My greatest joy is lifting positivity upwards with support and guidance. No one is successful without support and guidance from outside of which I have received in abundance from the Cannabis Community.

In fact we see the opposite when people are are not supported and guided and instead isolated, pitted against one another and prevented from accessing the same opportunities their neighbors are. And we all know that is what is happening everywhere, including the regulated cannabis industry. Rewriting the script to strike down the barriers that prevent community’s equitable access (everywhere) is an ongoing and enormous fight. I advocate for equity by listening, having difficult conversations, seeking and referring the services of BIPOC individuals and offering my services at reduced prices if needed.


Chief Learning Officer at RMCC

While serving as RMCC's CLO, Debbi appeared on the podcast, 'TBD w/RMCC'

I talked about what brought me to the cannabis industry and some of my tips on how companies can combat high employee turnover rates (pre-pandemic). "When I joined BriAnne Ramsay in 2019, it was to help her transform the in-person training she was doing, into a scalable, accessible, and revenue generating curriculum."

I helped build infrastructure, training strategy, and the framework for multi-state cannabis compliance operations.
My leadership produced the 2021 Social Equity Incubator Program for students and investors alike. The strategic planning put in place RMCC's Regulatory Assistant Internship Program for individuals looking to enter the cannabis industry.

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